Meet Tanvir

With her entire professional career centered around sales and customer service, Tanvir Khera is keen on understanding how to read people well and adapt to any situation. Her professionalism, loyalty and dedication to clients, whether they are purchasing or selling a home, ensure that their needs are successfully serviced. Dedicated to keeping her clients informed every step of the way, Tanvir believes that knowledge is power when it comes to the decision making process. 

With a Diploma degree in Interior Design, Tanvir can help you stage your home to highlight its unique features, making the best first impression. With her trained eye she can also help buyers see the potential in a property.

If you are looking for a well educated, professional who strives to think outside of the box and approaches real estate with a creative eye and a fresh perspective then look no further.

With a forward thinking approach to modern real estate, Tanvir focuses marketing your home online. Through large networks of influence and years of experience in Online and Social Media Marketing, her goal is to make your home a ‘product’ available on the global market.

Tanvir is committed to take on the challenge in which clients are buying or selling one of their most valued assets; and to complete the transaction in the shortest amount of time and for the best possible price.

Combined with a diverse background, Tanvir is able to provide important information well in advance of her clients' purchases - positively affecting their final decisions. Tanvir is a huge proponent of setting goals and working hard towards achieving them as they keep her focused and on her toes. Her greatest competitor is herself and is constantly striving to be the best that she can be in every aspect of her life. Tanvir's main goal is to offer her clients the best service, knowledge, credibility, integrity, and professionalism as possible. 

Please feel free to contact her and she will be more than happy to discuss all of your real estate needs.

Tanvir Khera Personal Real Estate Corp
Tanvir Khera Personal Real Estate Corp
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